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This blog has no actual relevance to chocolate.

 introverted-turtles (xrequested: ten x donna + sass

Donna is my spirit animal

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this is painfully accurate.

reblogging for accuracy

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ABOUT THE BLOGGER (bold those that apply).

1. girl or boy

2. introvert or extrovert

3. cats or dogs

4. hardback or paperback

5. facebook or tumblr

6. twitter or snapchat

7. books or movies (I couldn’t choose)!

8. BBC Sherlock or Sherlock Holmes

9. Supernatural or Harry Potter

10. Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead

11. Horror or Chicflick

12. long hair or short hair

13. Divergent or Doctor Who

14. early riser or late riser

15. saturday or sunday

16. indie or skater girl

17. high school or secondary school

18. history or geography

19. music or art

20. optimist or pesimist

Bold those that apply :)

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